203k handbook is the reference book 4000.1 where most questions can be answered.


FHA 203k resources, Certified 203k contractor, 203k consultant FHA lender


 Sends you to the lender list on the FHA website.   FHA kindly lists every lender by alphabetical order, by state.  I recommend that you have a few lenders in mind.  You can enter them in the search box and save a lot of frustration. 

Certified 203k Contractors

FHA 203K Vetted contractors,  The  annually renewed certification process confirms contractors understand 203k, they have the financial resources to complete your project, and do not have a criminal background.  Honest pre-vetted contractors are rare and hard to find.   

203k Consultants


    203K consultant link puts you at the FHA 203K consultant search page.   Interview a few of them over the phone, and ask about their educational background.  Some are engineers, some have been contractors, there area a variety of experiences that can qualify the 203K Consultant.    


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